Dark Travels

Session 1

The Wounded Anteloop

We find The hearing bus stalking the local gas giant in the xxx system. The crew is pinging transponders, looking for a wanted ship masquerading as one of dozens of legitimate cargo ships that visit this corporate controlled manufacturing and mining system. One ship, the Jovian Crown, returns as actually being the Henry Rollins, a 400 ton subsidized trader. Using the wounded anteloop gambit, the crew tricks the pirates into boarding the herring bus. A brief but violent fire fight ensues. When it is over, 7 pirates are dead, one captured, and 2 original crew hostages freed. The party learns that the pirates were part of a much larger crew, possibly operating a large 5000 ton freighter, that split off when the Rollins was taken. The pirates took the Rollins cargo of small general purpose comm satellites. The smaller band of pirates was joined by a archaically dressed man, and the whole lot were equipped with very old fashioned bolt action CPR rifles bearing the stamp “karsim”. After some searching in the library data, it is determined that the karsim system may be the home base of the pirates. This large freighter could be a valuable recovery for the party . .



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